Lollipop Forest


Android L, is not for loser. It is Lollipop. Are you excited? Well, I am, at least can get the Nexus 5 power up, once again.

The new Nexus 6 & 9, as well as Player announced last night

Rise, Droid

Ok Guys, no doubt, Android as an operating system is dominating the world, with more than 60+% around the world, probably even more depending on the country. I think Android will continue to be the operating system of choice for mobile devices simply because of – choices. There are just so many devices running on…

Screw you Apple

Screw you Apple, if I have to say it again, I will

For God sake, we have been through this way too many times. We are always not on the fore front of things, although the nation thinks we are.  Ok, many MNCs have invested in Malaysia talking how well the infrastructure and technology development has been blah blah blah, when comes to Apple’s new iPhone for…

The finisher medal

Ok done the 10KM run, my first ever

Ok, not my first 10KM, as I have participated in some runs in the past while I was still in school, however, none of the run I complete them.  I mean running from the start till the end before giving up half way.  Certificate also really malu to collect.  Since I did not complete the…

All of us

Yet, another fun filled MobileFest meet

Technology alone is not fun, until someone comes and shares the joy of using the technology for some real purposes in life.  Agree? It was great to meet all the hardcore technology enthusiasts a while ago in our October meet held at A&W PJ Drive Through, which will be demolish in December, which is like…

Ok Glass!

Meeting Google Glass

Have heard so much about Google Glass since its inception about 2 years ago, the Glass never make it to the commercial but yet on beta testing still, glad to meet the Glass, thanks to both Kevin Khoo & Wen Jiun, they brought their Glass to the #MobileFest Oktoberfest a while ago.