Dance with your heart, finally

Inez, one of the performers
Inez, one of the performers

Our daughter Inez, started ballet when she was 4.  After 2 years of getting and having fun, the instructor has finally scheduled her for the first ballet grading, which took place 2 months ago.

And about 11 weeks ago, her instructor approached us to allow her to perform in the forth yearly ballet performance, which took place at KLPAC on July 19.

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Unexpected Weekend

A moustache male with an angry face. Drew it while I was at my in law home


I think sometimes we take things too lightly.

I mean, overly light, when coming to dealing with people’s sudden outburst.

Have you been in a situation that for no particular reason, someone, among you just started to raise his or her voice to get the attention, and to make things worse, to add on more foul languages, of which you would seldom hear such person to say these words.  Continue reading Unexpected Weekend

Celebrate Hari Raya Online, Securely with Kaspersky Lab

KIS2015Hari Raya is weeks away, and there will be much to do before, during and after the festivities. Aside from shopping, fasting, feasting and planning the ‘Balik Kampung’ journey, security should and will also be heavy on our minds.

We know that we need to lock and secure our homes, possibly with a home security system. We might place our valuables in a safety deposit box at home, or at the bank. We might even inform the local police to include our home on their patrols.

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Being Wachowski

The main casts from Netflix Sense8
The main casts from Netflix Sense8

When Netflix first introduced Sense8, I was not sure what kind of science fiction would be, until I watched the first episode.

The show created by The Wachowskis, or formerly known as Wachowski Brothers, whom created The Matrix and also the Jupiter Ascending, which I wanted to watch while in Sydney, no chance, anyway, I watched it here when we came back.

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