Messi, after receiving the Golden Ball Award

Manners in all sports

Watched the World Cup 2014 final.  I seldom stayed up late or early in the morning to watch something, other than doing it for Apple keynotes or Google’s. Also watched the awards presentation with Ariel. “Dad, look at Messi, he walks to the deck without proper manners of greeting the VIP presenters.” Ariel asked. “Well,…

Better Call Saul First Look Photos

Better Call Saul

I am a Breaking Bad fan.  Not because I love MET, nope.  No way. But I love the characters development in a series of which AMC is not focusing on sex, pretty faces, good looking people etc in a great show.  Rather on the story development, how something could lead to something else, affecting the…

Android L

The L of Android

I have decided to bring the retired #Nexus5 out from the freezing zone and give it a deserving burial – with Android L. So not the slickiest OS ever for Android, but with nice interface. Well, it’s developer preview.