Received the invitation from the school to the Annual General Meeting of SJKC Ladang Harcroft PIBG, and the details are:-

Date Sunday, Feb 15, 09 

Time 10am 

Venue Meeting Room, SKJC Ladang Harcroft 


  1. Speech by PIBG Chairman 
  2. Board of Directors Official Opening Speech 
  3. Speech by Principal 
  4. Minutes of the 2008 PIBG AGM 
  5. Issues Pertaining to Minutes of the 2008 PIBG AGM [if any]
  6. Annual Report by Secretary 
  7. Financial Report 
  8. Discussion 
  9. Election for the new Committee Members 
  10. Appointment of the Auditor for PIBG 2009 
  11. Other matters   

Hope to see most of you there.