Last MyMUG’s MacFest of 2009

Ariel on set with (If I got the name of the site right)

Elijah told me in advance that he wanted to stay at home to accompany Retna and Inez.  I believe it was mainly driven by he would then be able to watch Merlin on Hallmark all for himself without interference from Ariel (evil father’s thought).

Ariel went with me to Machines at One Utama (Old Wing) to attend the MyMUG’s MacFest, which signifies the last gathering for the Malaysian Mac User Group for 2009.  By the way, MyMUG holds such gathering once every two months.  The attendees are mainly the hardcore, amateur, new user as well as anyone who is keen to find out or to explore Mac before becoming a Mac user.  Just like MyPDACafe Beamfest, used to be an avenue for the various users to test drive the device or gadgets before deciding to buy one. After using Kaspersky antivirus for Mac version, I spoken to Kaspersky about having a possible presentation on threat awareness for the Mac user in Malaysia.  We are glad to have Mok, from, an online eStore for Kaspersky in South East Asia.  Mok gave an interesting perspective of many threats that are already hitting many Mac users worldwide.  Off course many attendees kept bugging him about why Jackie Chan could not make it.  Obviously Kaspersky has done a very good branding with the international action star.

Most of the attendees hope that Kaspersky would bundled or provide special package to the Malaysian Mac users.

Azrin (hope I got his name spelled right) presented the latest hardware from Apple – remote and Magic Mouse.

Apple Remote

The new and updated version of Apple remote comes almost like an iPod Nano, just that it does not has a screen.  Perhaps the next remote from Apple might be like Logitech, of which is a universal remote control.  The button seems to have been relocated to make it slightly friendly.  The significant change would be the material.  No longer plastic or Apple called it polycarbonate, it is aluminium now.  Price wise is still the same, RM69.

He also shown us the new Magic Mouse, of which need no introduction as many have read or tested it online and retail.

Jeya took the next presentation to showcase the Better Touch Tool (BTT) which has the added configuration for multitouch pad as well as Magic Mouse.

Jimin took the last spot to present his latest work called 360 VR Panoramas, an effective tool for virtual tours.  He shown us many of his work and sample done at restaurant, retail outlets, hotels, streets, sightseeing location etc.  The unique of Jimin’s work is that it comes with actual surrounding sound when one takes the virtual tour.

He later also took a sample 360 panoramas of MyMUGgers sitting in Machines training room with just four takes.  He then showed the attendees how he stitched the four shots together and then presented it in 360 panaromas view for everyone.  Although the sample virtual tour of Machines was done in below ten minutes, according to Jimin, the actual final touch up would take quite some time to complete.  Jimin was formerly the photographer of The Star, then to Reuters and AFP before venturing into his own photography business.

Well, the rest of the story shall let the pictures do the talking.

Mok shared with Mac users the importance of having antivirus in Mac
Jeya presenting BTT
Jimin explaining how the shots are being taken
Ta-na, the virtual tour of Machines is ready!
A big smile for everyone, thanks Ariel for taking this.

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