Whatever the situation, He is there

Shot taken on AirAsia when approaching Sabah territory

Sometimes we wonder why one has to go through difficult situation or scene that one does not expect.  However, after reading Book of Esther 3, 4, 5 & 6, it is clear that things happened so that one would or could see God’s presence clearly.  Or, simply, He exists. Had a difficult time on Monday when one of our long time has no contact friend reached me on my mobile.  Asking for shelter and place to stay.  Because of the unique situation that this person is in, we contacted church for assistance on how to go about.  While waiting for the response, the friend found a shelter with Buddhist society.  I remember the sharing of Cindy on Saturday about missionary in East Malaysia.  Buddhist society always outdo the Christian missionary in terms of gifts, care and love.  She said something for Christian to reflect.  I am shameful about not able to provide an immediate assistance to our friend when she needed most.

It is one life that we are unable to influence for now.

Yesterday we had a situation which things could overturned although have been agreed on paper.  We will continue to work out the solution today and pray that God will lead us for a good outcome.

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