1.5 Hours Frankfurt, Germany Experience

A 'rush' Frankfurt sausage breakfast

Writing from Frankfurt International Airport, the busiest airport in Germany.  Traveling with Kaspersky Lab team as well as Malaysia media and Malaysia students to the Kaspersky Lab ‘IT-Security for the next generation’ International Student’s Conference in Krakow.

The airport is big and it provides bicycles on standby for the passengers usage.  However, when the time we realised, we were quite close to the Lufthansa’s check-in counter.

Beautiful and modern architecture

Also notice big group of Chinese (not sure from where, could be born in Germany) working in the airport.  They speak both German and Mandarin fluently.

While on board to Lufthansa to Krakow, I was asked by one American passenger whether I am from China.  She thought I am heading to Krakow for holiday, until later found out that we are here for work.

The airline does not let the passengers to walk to the aircraft, but sent them on the buses instead.  This could be weather issue as well as the distance from the check-in counter to the plane.  The bus journey took about 5 minutes.  Again, Frankfurt International Airport is really big.

Many planes parked at the airport, this is only portion of the airport
Taken in the sky train to the different airport terminals

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