A Scary Dream

While sleeping rather late last night (watching the end of Ironman 2 & also checking company financial status for month end etc), I fell asleep after having to pamper Baby Inez to sleep, mainly by having her to be close to Retna (so she could feed her).  (evil laugh)

When I finally entered into the dreamland passed 3am, I had a dream which I was working for public relations agency (like I do now), but this time for a state government.

In the dream I was exceedingly calm (not that I am not most of the time), as one of the key personnel in this state government was murdered.  So what we have planned in the PR campaign has to be tuned towards or diverted from the death of this key personnel.  I won’t name who the person is, but quite significant personnel in one of the state administration.

Well, since this is a dream, so it is not real as the personnel was murdered.  But what was interesting, I had the first hand to handle the crisis communications in this dream concerning the death of a well known politician.  So, in this dream, I was working together with the team to plan the communication strategies as well as coordinating with the executive committee on the successor.

Although things went pretty well in the dream, like all the planning and implementations, but one thing I remember well was the team from the state administration was rather sad and shock over the person death, and were discussing secretly who could be the hands behind this.

(I am not sure whether I have been imaginative as constantly listen to both sons talking about their spies imagination after reading all the books from the library)

I can’t remember what was the ending, as Baby Inez was awake again.

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