Somewhere Why Not Here, Sometime Why Not Now

Sometimes, things just go upside down

Last night home fellowship, we went with great expectation as we have not seen each other for a week, many would have  a lot to share about how God has touched their lives, as well as the great experience of everyone’s encounter with God.

We received a news that I realised some day it would come.  But I did not know it would be last night.  While I was still adapting on my role as deputy home fellowship leader, I was buying more time to learn to getting to know all friends and members of home fellowship, God has changed the time, moving all things forward.

I once sat in a media interview with client.  Journalist asked the client, “Why the company sends you to another place, before you settle too well in your existing role?”

Client said, “It is hard to understand, sometimes.  But it is for the good reason for the company.”

Of many things that happened around me and us, I did not realised that God already planting His message around me for sometime now.  He has preparing the way without us knowing.

It is hard to acknowledge what God has done in us, without us knowing.  Or, choose not to look at the changes or skills God has given us as something crucial, until the moment when one needs these skills to overcome the challenges.

So many things came to my mind when I heard of the news about me having to take over the home fellowship leadership – shepherding (I am still learning how to do it), counseling (again, I know nothing about this), keeping the home fellowship together as well as managing the emotional needs, the spiritual growth etc.

It is a way how God prepares His people, putting them in the actual situation.

I remember when I first joined my former company, besides the training they sent us to, they gave us the very on the spot training.  Like screw-up at the meeting with the Prime Minister meeting because I was unable to get the demonstration machine to behave.  I then realised the best learning is being there, done that, and immediately learn, never to make the same mistakes again.

Although the decision comes very sudden, and I am fully prepared, but I know it is God’s timing.  I just need to obey.

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