Mac User Group Meet Jan 2011, hosted by Kaspersky Lab

Thanks Kaspersky 🙂 (BTW, Shah is holding a green Twisties)

Thanks to Kaspersky Lab for agreeing to host the Malaysia Mac User Group Meet for Jan 2011 on Saturday, Jan 15, 2011.  We have Rain, jeyadev, IanCheong, marathon, kuanyoon, bennylee, Mok, Jesmond, samueltan, Ariel, Elijah joining the first meet of the year.

Rain started the iPad gaming demo (I missed out the photograph that time, alamak).  Pretty impressive especially the game that looks like Prince of Persia (sorry, I forgot the name, not a gaming person) on a big screen.  Just so exciting to watch.  During Rain’s demonstration, iancheong said, “We don’t need Nintendo Wii!”  I have to agree.  Anyone looking for Nintendo Wii?  🙂

iancheong with the Neato Scanner

iancheong shown us his gadget – Neato portable scanner.  He bought both desktop scanner which does duplex as well as the portable scanner, that scan just one side of the page.  The scanners are useful for books, reference materials archive.  The OCR scan is just perfect for name card scanning and storage.  The scanners are yet to be available here, but according to iancheong, can always purchase them online.  The price of the scanner is also comparatively lower than similar offerings from Canon and Fujitsu.  By the way, also worth mentioning, the scanners work very well with Mac, there is also software that come with the scanners.

Mok explaining how Mac could be infected with viruses

Mok, the sole online distributor of Kaspersky Lab in South East Asia was showing the Apple computers are also at risk of virus attack.  He shared that in 2008 and 2009, Apple has mentioned even Apple computers would need anti-virus protection.  From the personal experience, I have encountered many thumb drives that clients, partners that handed to me that required disinfection or simply delete.  Often I got the replies from clients or partners, “How come my computer can’t detect these?”  Mok was kind to offer some interesting discount for Mac User Group, you may contact Mok and his team for further details.

Shah demonstrating the limitless iPad

Shah shown 1 very useful tool for the school children – iPad voice over that pronounces so many languages.   You may activate it in language, under settings.  He demonstrated how even blind person could read a news page in Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and English.  For Chinese, the iPad has Cantonese, Taiwanese Mandarin and Chinese Mandarin.  The most important feature that Shah mentioned with iPad is that, the school children could use it as a text and teaching materials.  Unlike textbook, iPad not just only present the teaching material digitally, but it pronounces the words to the students.  WTH, we parents don’t need speaking dictionary anymore.  Thanks Shah.

Again, thanks Kaspersky Lab for the generosity for providing the group a place to meet, also the goodies.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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