How iPad2 craze has reached the church

“Is that an iPad2?” senior pastor asked me this morning while at church.

“It is iPad, first generation.” I replied.

“Is that an iPad2?” a senior church leader asked.

“No.  Still using iPad, first generation.” I answered.

“Do you know how Pastor XXX (to remain anonymous so to maintain the integrity of the said person) got his iPad2?” one asked me.

“He saw the long waiting line and went straight to Machines at Mid Valley and told the shop assistant that he wanted to launch a complaint about the way how they handle the sales resulted long waiting line.  Do you expect a 70+ man to stand in line to buy an iPad2?”

He bought his iPad2 on the spot, minus the q.

Amazing right?  Even God’s people are crazy about iPad2 and willing to use age as a threat, sorry reason to get it.

Well, God bless all those who have bought the iPad2 🙂

Have a good weekend.

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