When you are enjoying the seafood, think about the environmental effect

While many at age of 11 would have been at home enjoying the Sunday, he is working with his father as fisherman

Seafood, many likes it, some can’t have or too much of it, as it could cause skin allergy.

However, I like seafood since I was young, especially fish.  More so, steamed fish.  But I am the type that would eat fish excessively, I am more like a person who is concerned about the balance diet.  Wait a minute, some of you would not agree with me.  All right, I tried, ok?

I have the privilege of joining our client, Brother International Malaysia on their company corporate social responsibility trip to Sandakan.  So just after our arrival, we would brought to Sim Sim Seafood, where all food served here is pork free.

I have been to different seafood restaurants where the raw ingredients would normally be on the displayed to show how fresh the seafood is.  However at Sim Sim it is at a different level.  The seafood was from the fisherman then to the restaurant, customers placed the order, and it would then be on the table ready to be eaten.


The fishermen also work on a little bit of bargaining – depending on the prices offered by the restaurants, they highest bidder would get the seafood.

Flower crab, I think

Brother tour personnel ordered 1 crab dish, 3 dishes of fish, 1 dish of prawn and 2 dishes of vegetables.

Fresh from the sea

The cooking was simple as not to cover the freshness of the seafood.  For example, the prawns were lightly fried and then served to us.  I really like the fish serveed, one steamed with black bean and the other lightly fried with curry powder.

Walking back to their boats to continue with the next big catch

I also checked on the prices, the seafood is reasonable, but not the vegetable nor taofu, which were on slightly higher side.

Overall great food experience.



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