It’s here today, gone tomorrow

Technology, replacing so many things

“Give me your business card.” Mr. A said.

“No one use name card anymore, let me beam my contact to you.” Ms B replied.

Maybe you might have been in the above situation, but does it sound familiar?  Because of the electronic name card, some business in printing ran out of business.  Well, most of the name card printers are still around, simply, some still need a call card to get around.  This includes me.

What about photography shop?

I used fancy between films for the camera, Retna and I bought our very first SLR camera from Nikon before our twin sons birth.  We wanted to capture all the important moments.  We used to spend RM100+ a week to process and print the photographs, as well as acquiring the new films.  We always told the shop to give us discount since we are buying many.

We have not been printing pictures taken from the camera for many years now.

Last year, a research firm predicted that some brands will no longer exist, a well known photography brand was on the list.  Looks like it might be true.

With the smartphones come equipped with high resolution camera, soon, consumer digital camera will also be out of business.

Even the camcorders too, most high end smartphones already come with camera that can record high definition video.

Over the weekend, Retna and I spent few hours putting up the photos on our living hall.  We used to send our pictures for framing first, often 1 frame would be in the range of RM50-RM80.  Sometimes with additional card board lining, the price could go up to RM100.

With IKEA introducing DIY frames, I just saw one of the photo frame shop I used to go to has closed.

Not everything will just close or out of business anytime soon, for example food business.  What I like when I was a child, like Asam Laksa from Penang, it is still around.  In fact already been handed to different generations to handle the business.

What are the things you think will still be around, what would be gone soon?


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