For the First Time, Apple Store, Finally.

Jobs & team have made the signatured & patented spiral glass staircase to be extremely strong 🙂

Have read about Apple Store, not just many time, but always.

Ok, I confessed that I am a Apple user.

Alright, I am devoted to Apple products.  Please allow me to clarify that I am devoted to God 🙂

So, the tour manager informed me that he would bring me to Apple Store while we are in Ginza, Japan.  Well, I did not wait for Ginza, I found the Apple Store in Osaka, which was like 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel that we were staying.

Retna said I was like a child, entering into a playground when I entered into Apple Store.  Ok, I was terribly excited and in fact I took a really deep breath before making my first step into Apple Store.

I like everything in Apple Store, even though I know nothing about Japanese language.

I bought an Apple TV, which was about RM320+, and I am going to contact Ramanesh when I am back.

Also had a chance to experience the payment system in Apple Store, which there is no casher, every Genius is a cashier.  The bar code reader is a special device developed for Apple, which used iPod as the payment device.  I also required to sign on the iPod screen with an iPod stylus for the credit authorisation.

Will I enter into Apple Store while in Ginza, Tokyo?

Of course!  🙂

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