Everything Fine, Except the Apples

"You are not allowed to take pictures here!" said a female Mat Salleh Apple genix

This is our 5th day in Japan.  We have been to Osaka, Kyoto, Hammatsu, Mount Fuji, Shinjuku, Tokyo etc.  I think it would have kind of difficult to travel to all these places without a tour arrangement, more so since we do not speak Japanese.  We came under a tour company called Apple Vacations & Conventions, which it blasted a lot of advertisements in the Chinese dailies as well as travel magazines.

The tour manager is a Malaysian, who studied in Japan while he was a student.  So he speaks good Japanese.  Because he converse well in the language, so English might not be his best language, but tried all his best since Retna knows almost nothing in Mandarin nor Cantonese.  Anyway, Retna has given him a talk to last night, to remind him that she does not understand when he communicated in Cantonese or Mandarin. 

However he did not cover the whole tour in English, especially the long traveling to Mount Fuji, we were bored with the selling of stuff of which he was promoting – ceramic knife, body toxic removal patch, Japanese snacks, Hokkaido scallops, abalones, sexy cups, kobe beef etc.  We also been given an order form to place the order.  Since our family is not a fan of abalones nor scallops, so we returned the form.

While the trip is enjoyable, and the tour manager would need to make additional from the tour, Apple (the traveling company) should just concentrate on our trip, and minus this sales talk from the explanation, as it takes away the time of enjoying and describing of Japan nice scenery.  For those interested with this kind of stuff, he should have got the travelers to approach him separately.

What the trip should have included:-

1. A tour to the Kyoto wonderful gardens which come with unique landscaping, we missed that.  We could see so many of them while on the way to the temples, restaurants, quite a watste.

2. The busiest street in Tokyo, Shibuya, we missed that.

3. Japanese ryokan (guest house), we thought the Mount Fuji stay at the hotel would be something like that.  Anyway, we missed that.

4. Touring around Shinjuku.  The part about shopping of luxury goods at Ginza was the favorites for some of the madams as that was the time the husbands really spent on buying the wives the Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Samantha, LV etc.  When we arrived at Shinjuku, we were told to continue our shopping for another two hours before the dinner, which was a total wasted trip.

We heard so much about Shinjuku, and when we arrived here, it is totally a different kind of life of Japanese.  I feel this is a place where Japanese do almost everything the opposite of the culture.  The street is generally dirty, messy and could see garbage everywhere.  Smoking zone, what smoking zone.  Could see almost so many Japanese females walking around with most attractive clothes (will be more revealing if not winter, I guess), but the females in Osaka are better looking, just my opinion.  Like many would say that female from Ipoh seems to look prettier.  We could see so many relaxation centres – i.e. massage everywhere.  I suppose the service includes ‘massage’ of certain part.



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