Raya Comes Early [MobileFest July Meet!]

The Google Nexus-es Family!

Ramadhan has to come first, before Raya.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am as tempted as all the rest of the MobileFest July Meet attendees hosted by cube Apple Premium Outlet at Subang Parade, when we saw Nexus 7, Nexus Q and of course ChromeBox.  In comparing with Apple TV, I some how like the Nexus Q, because of the cute design.  It is heavy, for such a tiny device.  But for a reason.  Filled with great substances – different sound and display outputs, as well as the half sphere actually is the volume control.  We did not have the chance to test it during the meeting, but Bernie Eng (the owner & attendee of Google I/O at San Francisco) recorded a video to show the review of Nexus Q.  It is also pre-loaded with the Transformer 3.

I briefly played with the Nexus 7, but since it was the most popular among the MobileFest attendees, so let others play with it (LOL).  Also, Amanz was playing with it, or rather admiring it for a really long time (again LOL), pun intended.

Bernie also shown us the latest Jelly Bean, Android latest OS with Google Now.  We like it because it is definitely better and faster than iOS Siri.

We were all excited with Bernie’s explanation of the Google Glasses. which was done with sky divers during the Google I/O conference.  He was trying to get it but could not, because only available to the US developers, for now.  It is mainly due to the privacy issue.  Of course we had a good laugh about Microsoft Surface Internet Explorer, when talking about the Google Glasses demonstration.  Ok, you gotta be at the MobileFest July Meet to figure out the joke.

Let’s talk about the Apple stuff presented at the meeting.

Nice view, overlooking busy Subang Jaya

Kah Fye and Sharon, our very good hosts from cube, shared with us about the establishment of the outlet, as well as special discount (15%) for non-Apple products during the meeting.

The attendees, fascinated with Bernie’s presentation

Andrea of cube shown us the Apple TV, MacBookPro with Retina Display as well as the iTunes store which announced recently.  We did not talk about Mountain Lion which expected to be available by end of this month, also Ian Cheong did a really good review of Mountain Lion in the last meeting.

“Do I need to bring umbrella tomorrow?”

The AirPlay demo by Kah Fye was great, as he could demo whatever (really whatever available on the iPhone) with the help of an Apple TV.

Of course, he also shown us the Ferrari car control by an iPhone, available for RM369.

Controlling a Ferrari (toy car) with an iPhone

Ian Cheong took on the time to explain the Retina Display MBP which he just bought (and did not bring to the meeting), with pictures he has taken.  Of course we have also seen and read the pictures review by another MobileFest friend, earlier when it first available in Malaysia.

The AirPlay

Good to meet the old time MyPDACafe kawan (perhaps from KVPUG) – TehAis 🙂

Meet again soon, perhaps after Hari Raya.

Have a good week ahead everyone.


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