Looking for cord holder, don’t waste your money

Double clip, RM2.50 for 12 pcs

Bought a Quirky Cord Management from Machines last week, as I thought I finally found a cord holder or alike for my work desk.  Anyway, it turned out to be rather disappointing.  Quirky does not have a surface resistance, which will stay foot while on the desk.  I suppose it does not suit my needs, which is to organise all my cables on the desk without creating a major mess.  I like to be neat, most of the time.

I don’t like searching for cables, if the cables fell off the desk.  Most of the cables on my desk do not need to move with me while I am away from the desk, as I have spares.

Then, I was searching online for the cord holder, of which I found the Bluelounge CableDrop, and contacted Machines and Epicentre, was told not available here.

While I was browsing the Pinterest, I found someone using the double clip as the cord holder.  

Well, today I bought the double clips, 12 pieces, for RM2.50.  The setup is no-brainer.  Really easy.

See the pictures which I have taken, probably will give you some ideas how to organise the cords on your desk.

Have fun!

Holding the iPhone, iPad cable


Quirky Cord Management, RM38


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