Butter Project, NFC, Vest, USB Protection – MobileFest Meet Highlights

Elijah Tan, standard five student showing the NFC for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

“The custom ROM is available everywhere, but only Galaxy Nexus official ROM provides the real and only Butter Project, of which is smoother and faster.” said Benny Lee, a retired corporate, and now tech enthusiast, at MobileFest September Meet.

While I was searching for the new experience of Jelly Bean, I could only rely on Galaxy Nexus, of which a phone manufactured by Samsung, although I am not a fan of Samsung product, nor an Android, I decided to try.  At least spend some of my time on Android, before I could totally dislike it.  I think Android deserve a chance to let me to get to know it.

Amongst the best Android phone out there, Benny said that his favorite is Galaxy Note, which comes in a large display, suitable for his eye sight.  I remember once Yogaretnam told us at one of the MobileFest meet that he loved (not sure what phone he is using now) his Galaxy Note so much as he could read so much in just a screen.  He further commented that he could make the screen resolution or font smaller, so only he could read them, not the others.  Also a good way of privacy protection.

Nexus 7 was the star and attraction of the meeting, and Benny Lee also showcased his comparison and review done on Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 7.7.  So, who wins?  Kind of subjective.  You could probably ask Dr. Alan Teh, as he could not believe that Nexus 7 does not support landscape mode in the home screen, when I told him.  Even for me, I am also surprise.

Dr. Alan Teh, presenting Scott vest.

Dr. Teh shared his Scott vest, which has more than 18-21 pockets to keep important traveling items such as passports, money etc, and of course the gadgets.  At the back of the vest, one could keep the MacBook Air (11 & 13) when traveling.  I think he is traveling this weekend, we shall find out when he returns with the feedback.  The vest was retailed at USD100, and he bought it with the Father’s day special, of which he got a USD30 off.  Very lightweight and durable materials.  Comes in light brown and black.  Tweet @palmdoc for details if you are interested.  He has a medical vest too, which he demonstrated in one of the MobileFest meet.  I am sure he would be glad to show us again.  Also, Ian Cheong has a vest too, which I forgot the name now (aiyah).

Benny Lee on comparison between Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Dr. Teh showed the MobileFest friends the new MyMobileFest.com, which was up since beginning of August.  That would be the new website of MobileFest.  We used to have one, until EmbunWeb screwed the whole site.  This new site comes with forum, probably would be a wonderful platform for all tech enthusiasts to start sharing, asking the questions, or simply come for an online chat, hang out.

I also demonstrated a simple tips on having music track name and artist name shown as notification in Mountain Lion.  Some how the notification did not show on the projected screen, so I have to disconnect the MacBook Air and shown it from the MBA screen.

Kah Fye, inviting MobileFest to bring kids to attend iDirect workshop.

Elijah then made a show demonstration on near field communication (NFC) for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.  Dr. Teh asked Elijah, “What would be the best use of this technology.” Elijah said, “For Google Wallet.”

Eric Chow, from Tech Titan presented the company background, which started beginning of this year with more than 100 over staff strength in Malaysia as well as parts of Asia.  He was also introducing the Tech Titan T-Drive Pro, which is USB flash drive with anti-virus protection, by Kaspersky Lab.  Unfortunately we did not have enough time for Eric to demonstrate the drive protection, but we will invite him and his team again, in our future meeting.  A lot of interest generated towards Tech Titan T-Drive Pro, and there has been request on MobileFest special purchase.  We will gather the interest before we proceed.  So watch this space for details.

Kah Fye from cube Subang Parade invited all the MobileFest friends to bring their children, age 8 to 14, to attend its first ever iDirect workshop, taking place on this Saturday, September 8, 2012.  You can find the details on MobileFest Facebook wall.



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