Her First, Pink is for Flower Concert

Inez, in her favorite pink costume

I often wonder why would kids need so much make up.

After today’s performance by Inez for her school concert, I still do not think kids should be putting on with make up, more so, with a lot of it.

Children, unlike adults, are still with very pretty skin texture and colours.  The make up would make them look weird.  IMHO.

After Retna putting o make up for Inez, later we noticed her face has extra layer of powder as well as rather red lipstick.  

Come on, we do not need all kids to look like dolls, right?

3 songs were presented with dance and body movement by her class.  I always been told that her class would only have 12 to 15 kids.  Well, today I could see more than 20.  I saw some kids were really bad role models, whom Inez some how learn the lessons like speaking from them.  Guess their parents would speak really bad.  I mean real bad.

We were there for her performance, so right she is done, we left.

Time for some pictorial.

Retna putting make up, lightly, for Inez


Inez and Retna


Took this when we arrived at MBPJ Civic Hall


Such feminine role model with pink


I like this side profile of Inez. The concert ended, she was leaving the stage


Seriously, why gel the boy’s hair until it is so ugly


Jump, jump little frogs


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