Gonna Pass The Purchase of iPad Mini

Yep, Apple has announced the latest iPad Mini in its not so mini event.

The iPad Mini has so many leaked images, probably one of the most insider product pictures ever been circulated in Apple history prior to the availability of the product.  The iPad Mini looks exactly the same as what have been widely shown on all the sites and blogs in China, US and every where else in the world.

Do you like it?

You actually have many reasons to like and dislike it.

Let’s talk about the ‘like‘.

It is relatively smaller, 7.9 inches versus the 9.7 of the original iPad (original sounds just so KFC).  For many iPad owners, me included, I began to dislike to carry it around, because of the weight and of course the size.  Blame it on Nexus 7.  I have been spoilt badly.  I like the way how I could just place my Nexus 7 into my back jeans’s pocket and carry it around.  I could head to church, meetings, without bringing anything other than just my phone (also a Nexus) and Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 weighs 340g, iPad Mini is 308g.  About 32g lighter in comparison.  It’s like the amount of asam (preserved sour plum) when I bought at the snack outlet, probably like another 2 or 3 more pieces of asam to make up for that.

When coming to holding the tablet, Apple has finally make a device that could allow the user (adults) to hold it with just 1 hand, or rather with a thumb and little pinky while reading, using and reading.

The iOS is great.  It has iBook, which Android has yet to have such a great app to compete, except Amazon Kindle.  I will truly miss the magazines such as BusinessWeek on the iPad after I decided not to get the iPad Mini nor the new iPad.

What about the dislike and downside of iPad Mini?

Retina Display, come on Apple.  How can you miss that out?  It’s like fighting with Nexus 7, and I read in some reviews that Nexus 7 seems to have better resolution than iPad Mini.  Actually I find that Nexus 7 does not have great display resolution, so I suppose iPad Mini might be a bit of a disappointment.

The LTE version will be available later, so you could start placing your order starting on Friday, tomorrow.

Some of the MobileFest friends already indicated their interest and we shall see many iPad Minis around from Nov 1 onwards in our shore.





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