Dennis Technology Labs names Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 the best solution in its class

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was the best performing product as Dennis Technology Labs carried out a comprehensive assessment of Internet security suites from eight top vendors. The independent testing in Q3 2012 placed the Kaspersky Lab product as the leader in its class, and earned it the top AAA award.

Testing focused primarily on the products’ ability to protect against real-life Internet threats. The programs were pitted against known malicious websites to check how effective the products’ protection capabilities were. The solutions received top marks for blocking attempted visits to infected sites, but also picked up points for detecting and neutralizing threats which were trying to infect the system, or when a system scan found an infection.

The results of this test placed the Kaspersky Lab solution in first place with a near-perfect score of 298 out of 300 – the average for all the products was less than 240. In this round of testing Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was the only product that successfully prevented all threats from compromising the system, scoring 100 out of 100. The analysts also carried out false positive testing, in which blocking a legitimate application was deemed more serious than issuing a warning. This was not an issue for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, however, as the product only generated a small number of false positive warnings without blocking legitimate software, scoring 92.5 points out of 100.

The overall score for the Kaspersky Lab solution was an impressive 390.5 out of 400 – the highest score among the home user solutions tested, and good enough to earn it Dennis Technology Labs’ top AAA award.

Oleg Ishanov, Director of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab, commented: “Every day millions of people are subjected to hidden attacks when using the Internet, which is why it’s essential for today’s security software to effectively protect users from online threats. We are confident that when Dennis Technology Labs tests the new version of our product, it will be able to repeat this outstanding result. After all, we have implemented a range of new technologies in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 that add several layers of protection against new and unknown threats.”

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