vs WTF


WTF is such a sacred term for me, once.

I started learning martial arts when I was 17.  Took on the sport after few of classmates were graduated with black belt.  Kind of like thinking that time, whether I could achieve likewise.  The instructor that time, told me, “You are one of the oldest students I ever accepted.  Let see how long you will be able to sustain the Taekwondo.”

Spoken to my father, asked him for the money to pay for my very first set of Taekwondo uniform, registration fee, training fee, annual World Taekwondo Federation membership fee etc.  Almost thought I was not going to make it on the first day of the training, not just because of the stamina, but psychological effect, of training with kids below 10 years old.  What I remember some of the seniors whom assisted the instructor to teach and train the new beginners, “Hey man, you are so weak, fat and slow.  Look at the kids, they can do it better than you.”

Seriously, WTF?  I was tempted at that time to challenge the instructor if they could do likewise if they are at my age to start learning about the sports.  Well, to learn, it is better to be submissive.  Which, in turn it does well for me.  I progressed through yellow, green, blue and then brown in about 1.5 years.  And I got my first dan black belt certified by World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) before reaching age of 20.

So I later got my second dan, third dan before 23 of age.  I think that was quite an encouragement for myself.  Without much money, I worked part time to fund my WTF journey.

I stopped WTF-ing when I was 24.

Coming to the next stage of WTF-ing. There are just so many things simply WTF.

I have been writing, meeting the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) for coming 2 years now for the illegal kindergarten has been expanding at our neighbourhood.  What really WTF-ing in this matter is that, the MPSJ has termed this kindergarten as illegal, running without required permit nor license.  Then recently I read so many news about how Selangor is about to go through transformation in the upcoming General Election (GE 13), if this is ever one thing to be transformed in Selangor state, let there be more integrity, discipline and a government that is serving the people.  Instead of government or administration for friends with those in power.

Truly, we have submitted all the evidence of false neighbourhood information, opposition from the neighbours etc, MPSJ is actually can’t do anything nor really doing anything?  WTF goes on.

Yesterday, while coming home, I was blocked by a parent of the illegal kindergarten slowed down his car to block my way, because he was on the phone and purposely wanting to irritate me, because the illegal kindergarten has informed him about our complaints, mainly led by me.  Well, whoever you are, no matter WTF you thought you were doing, the vengeance belongs to the Lord.



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