How come when we met angel(s), we ignored

Coins fell on the floor spotted during a celeb meet fans session
Coins fell on the floor spotted during a celeb meet fans session

I was joking with @aboutcom_my team while I was driving to an event venue few days ago that I was an angel, perhaps the fat one whom just saved few motorcyclists when I was driving.  I think I may be wrong or could be bullshitting here, but I think I may have a valid point that I may not have an angelic personality, but I did concern for the road users.

Ok, I am a road user too.  More so when I am cycling on the road, I pray hard that the other road users notice me.

An interesting incident happened at church yesterday.

A congregation sitting next to us suddenly went into fits resulted by occurrence of seizures.  I have no experience on what to do, neither is the partner of the person.  So Retna went to look for help, and I stayed with the person together with another gent.

When Retna asked on the first person she met at the church lobby, she asked, “We need a doctor, someone is having fits.  Do you know or anyone can help?”

“I am a doctor.” the person replied.

He followed Retna and did a quick introduction of himself to the patient (I did not want to refer to him as patient as first, but I think at point, it is easier for you to read and understand), he is a heart surgeon.  And he examined the patient on the spot, told me and the other guy what to do, yada yada.

To cut the story, the patient was ok.

To know how Retna just met a doctor, just like that, it is not by chance, but by divine appointment.  God knows exactly when to send help, when we need it.  Even though we may not even have time to pray for help.

Amazing right?

Amen for this?




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