Fear, of being alone

A scene from the movie, "Gravity"
A scene from the movie, “Gravity”

Had a date with Retna last night to watch a movie, and of course some time to have a meal after.

Must highlight this – there were only 6 of us in a 200 seating theatre.  Kind of VIP 🙂

We picked ‘Gravity’ – we are a fan of George Clooney.  Not so much of Sandra Bullock (Sorry Mok).

The movie was simple, about space mission that went wrong when satellites began to destroy by themselves, for whatever reasons.  

What captured my full attention of this movie – the fear, especially when alone.  To make it worse, alone at a place, where there is nobody there with you.

Have you been a situation like this?

I remember another movie ‘127 Hours’.

You may be optimistic at first, then things turned bad, you became depress, however, you got to get back on being optimistic again.  Kind of hard right?

But this is just so true.  In life, we would down with all sort of disappointment and got into situation we regretted why we did not back pedal when we could.

It is a way how God works.  Putting us through the fire, cold, then into the bright spring season again.

Feeling down?  Take a walk, run, look at the sky, look at people around you.  You may see things in different perspective again.

Have a wonderful Friday.



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