Question: When was the last time you felt someone has the courtesy to let you enter into a lift, cross the road, let you sit down in a train etc, without wanting anything in return from you?

I was heading out with Ariel this morning, as he was accompanying me to have my yearly injection.

When we were on our way home, passing by a zebra crossing in front of a condominium, I saw a Chinese middle aged lady wanting to cross the road, so I slow down and stopped to let her through.  However, she puzzled and then waved at me that I can go, she also screamed out, “Ooi, I know how to cross the road la.”  She said that in Cantonese.

Things we need to examine ourselves, are we being courteous enough to others, or should we?  The courtesy seems not existing anymore, I am not sure.

The last time I entered into a really high-end financial district in town, no one hold the lift for me, even though the people in there could hear me calling them, politely.

Of course some of you would have heard about my experience at 1 Utama Shopping Center car park.

We need to examine again, are we courteous to ourselves, to others, should we?  Or could we?

Then leads to why should we?

What I have learn from our friends and clients from Japan, Australia, Germany – is that they include courtesy as part of the education.  I remember our sons also score really high in Morale Education (a subject), once they got 100%.  However, do they practice what they have learn?  Maybe not 100%.  What has gone wrong?

I wonder, seriously.

Littering, I still see so many people throwing stuff out from their car or walking anywhere.

So, are you planning to start being courteous today, now?

I will try.





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