After so long, we paid PJ Library a visit, discouraged

Epic failure
Epic failure

We stopped the library for 3 months, while our twins were preparing for the UPSR.

Well, the UPSR is over and they are having their really long 47 school holiday break, we brought them as well as the daughter to Petaling Jaya Community Library once again.

At the entrance, I noticed some sort of facelifting has been done to the reception counter.  With 3 counter personnel.  Looks like improvement (of at first glance).  

Entered into the kids zone which is on the ground floor, the area seems to have been rearranged, but the content is still the same.  Spent some time there with daughter, almost fell asleep as the place was kind of cold (laugh), until I met friend from @MyMobileFest, had short chat, then I was fully awake.

Got all our books ready to check out.  Headed to the counter, then were told counter only to receive return books.  To borrow the books, all the members (yep, it’s by membership) to self-check-out at a kiosk, which is powered by a well known library system brand, which unfortunately running on a slow Windows 7 touch-screen PC.  Before I continue, the touch screen is not intuitive, like a smartphone screen (imagine 1990s touch screen Windows Mobile phone, got it?), neither there is a clear instruction as of how a member need to do, scan, where to place the book bla bla bla.

So, I saw 2 parents were struggling with the kiosk, as the system was either unable to scan the book or recognise the membership.  The ding-dong of 10 minutes, with many of us standing in line, and the counter staff offered no assistance while having their self-improvement sessions on Facebook, gossip magazines and newspapers yada.

And one kind soul did provide helping hands, maybe not the kind of guy you would have expected, the security personnel.

He did what he could with the kiosk, while I can hear the chatter at the counter, absolutely no concern nor sympathy to the poor members whom unable to get the books check-out.  When the first parent approached the counter staff, he was told to get back in line to try his luck again with the kiosk.  Probably not exactly the kind of Sunday one would want to have.  Defeated by a ineffective library kiosk, plus incompetent government servants, whom forgotten the motto – People First, Performance Now.  Opps, my bad, Selangor government may not be following that tagline.

SelangorKu, Terbaik Daripada Kami
SelangorKu, Terbaik Daripada Kami

Found the commitment from the Selangor government – which is The Best From Us.

If from serving the people point of view, then, our experience at the library today was a total failure.

Well, if coming from government expects of the people, then we are major disappointment to be part of SelangorKu.  We are are incapable of tolerating the pariah library system which the state has provided to us.  We also failed to learn (backward) really old technology.  Now, I feel like I am living in North Korea, where so many parents at the library today have let down the glorious and great leader.

I am pretty sure if the government would have to conduct some sort of research and survey on the reading habits in the country, there is absolutely no surprise that the ratings may have been dropped or probably stagnant.

One of the good way to discourage one from reading all the time, put a pariah kiosk so you would not want to borrow any books.

Well, there is always Kindle.


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