3-4kg, ok.

My FitBit Flex, with black wrist band

Prior to FitBit, I have been using Moves App for some time.

Of course, some of you also know that I used MetaWatch, which I have since sold to one of my friends. 

I used Moves and MetaWatch for my running and cycling, although I cycle less now, mainly I find it hard to locate the time to be away from family for many hours, I still want something which could help me to stay fit, and perhaps loose weigh along the way.

I found FitBit from visiting one of the tech review sites.  Immediately fell in love with it and bought myself and Retna one each to keep ourselves busy with exercise.

It is easy to track your exercise movement with a phone, which currently iPhone 5S even compliments really well with Moves App and Nike+.

But to track more, like sleeping, then FitBit delivers it well.

I feel much better than before about exercise, I fairly can run 1km in the past, however, I could cover 3.2km, 4km, or perhaps 5km without much hassle.

I know loosing weigh through exercise may not be that fast, however, it is a better way to do so than going through slimming programme.

Putting it on, can be easy, some finds it tough

After 1,000km with FitBit, I managed to shed 3-4kg.

I did not attend neither engage any professional trainers to achieve that, all through awareness and self-reminder on FitBit.

Ok, now, I am thinking of running the 10km, possible?

God willing.


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