First Impression, Week with Nexus 5

Nexus 5
Nexus 5

Before I continue, sorry to all my friends and family members, no, I am not giving the new Nexus 5 to you yet, to get the iPhone 5S Gold that I wanted.

I just feel Apple has taken my for a ride this time.

Put something old and added something new, then sell it a premium.  Sorry, I am not falling for it.  Not this time.

My former experience with Galaxy Nexus was a disaster.  Maybe I got the wrong unit which I could not roam when I was away.

So, someone inherited the phone after less than a month of me using it.

The Nexus 7, our elder twin is pretty much at home with it, he loves it very much.  I guess more so now, with KitKat as the latest OS updated.  He is pretty much loving all operating systems that work for him.  He is not like his dad, who prefers iOS over Android.

I like Nexus 5.  Temperature checked, no fever.

It is a great device in the following ways:-

  1. Once again, I can install apps from a web browser, without doing so from Nexus 5.  This is amazing, something iOS can never be done.
  2. The call quality is way better than an iPhone 5.  Yep, crisp clear and without raising the volume to the max.  Beat that iPhone!
  3. The screen is probably better than Retina Display, maybe just me
  4. Battery life, Good Lord.  Apple, how did you screw up in this department?
  5. LTE, need to find the right model, in order to enjoy the super fast speed in Celcom territory, which is still lacking
  6. Really so many apps for free.
  7. Can sync with iCloud!
  8. Can edit the ringtone from the phone
  9. Large screen, this is crucial when reading the emails
  10. The Google experience.  “Ok Google,” This is so fun
  11. Nexus 5 is made in Korea, for a change, I thought this is good.  Compares to Made in China

Well, something I dislike:-

  1. Plastic, really Google?
  2. Screen shot, is really, bad
  3. Charging from a computer, slow, not possible.  How Apple does this well?
  4. Google Hangout as SMS is a terrible mistakes.  When I send bulk SMS, it becomes a MMS.  WTF Google?
  5. Camera, shutter speed.  Let’s not go there.  My selfie will look so bad from now on
  6. Music, sounds, Oh My God

Ok, I will review more as time goes by.


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