Watch Out for Stealth Marketer

The-Joneses-Poster-the-joneses-12825286-1000-1338In one of my sleepless nights, I watched The Joneses.

Thanks to Netflix recommendation, perhaps the app tracks that I have watched too many X-Files episodes, so now let’s push more David Duckhovny movies over to me.

Well, I like him. 

This is a rather thought provoking movie, as The Joneses were actually actors and actresses (I will put it this way) as stealth marketers to promote products to high income and affluent neighborhoods.

You know, they worked on peer pressure, like seeing who has got the latest gadgets, fashions, food for social networking, sports equipments, golf, cars etc.

While the movie has its entertainment value (ok, subjective), there is something to take back after watching it.

Never follow the trends, when one is not up to it.

Don’t be a follower, blindly.  This is sad.  The neighbor who committed suicide, he actually followed whatever Jone had, car, golf, lifestyle etc.  Just relax.  Be yourself.

If you can not afford, stop thinking about it.

When someone keeps showing you something which may attract your attention, pull the hand brake a bit.




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