Waking up, 3 times

Did 31.3km this morning
Did 31.3km this morning

It’s terrible to wake up really early on Saturday.  I was planning to sleep at least until 7am.  However, I woke up at 1:30am to turn off the TV where our twins left it on.  Then 3am, woken by Inez as she had a nightmare about some female handbags.  

The 5am alarm clock set by our sons, on their new mobilephone got into me.  So, instead of going back to sleep, I went for a ride.

My first and only pit stop near Endah Parade.
My first and only pit stop near Endah Parade.

Was deciding between riding and running, I chose the earlier.  Thought I need to regain my cycling muscle, glad I made it.

Now, back to routine.  Some sleep after the work.

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