Watching 風暴 [Firestorm]

Firestorm by Andy Lau
Firestorm by Andy Lau

Seldom I watch Chinese movie in theatre.  Often something to do with CNY movies or something with Jackie Chan in it.

However, I read the various interviews by Andy Lau during our regular media monitoring, I must admit that I wanted to watch it.

So I did.  

The movie is filled with actions, guns, weapons, explosions, war zones etc.  I think it is more of a war zone than a police kind of story.

Ok, no wisdom nor special thinking required for Firestorm.  It is straight forward.  The characters in the movie are very predictable.  Sorry, not predictable.  The logical sense of story flow.  When a character is featured heavily with details, for sure that characters would have some how tragic death.

Of everything in the movie, I remember one line really well.

When Lam Kar Thong asked should the robbery plan be cancelled?

The leader responded, “有大雨就不用打抢了吗?” [Just because the storm is coming, does that mean the plan to rob has to stall?]

I laughed.

Finally, one thing has not changed when watching a Chinese movie in a theatre.

Some how in the middle of the movie, someone’s phone will ring, and that someone (sat in front of us) have to answer the phone calls loudly.

Maybe robbers looking for ideas?  Perhaps?

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