Good Food @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

Waiting for the pastry
Waiting for the pastry

When we Google-d Kuala Kubu Bharu, most of the results were food related, other than the water dam.

So, I put some of the places as well as the addresses on the Evernote.  Kind of handy, since everything is stored in the cloud.

The car parked near by the Two Wun Bakery, which at first I mistaken it as a photo printing outlet, as it has a half shop which dedicated to some kind of like art workshop.  Well, to be a chef pastry, one also needs to be a great artist.  I remember our dear pastry chef friend, chef Joe 🙂

Pan Mee, highly recommended
Pan Mee, highly recommended

We bought the kaya puff from the really nice auntie at the bakery, she also recommended the durian pastry, which we thought may be too much at one go, so we just bought we needed at that time, and we went for a walk to the first corner coffee shop that recommended for wan tan noodle and pan mee.

Kaya Puff, highly recommended
Kaya Puff, highly recommended

We tried a bit of pan mee, wan tan noodle and curry noodle, the best is the pan mee, as the soup is simple but really filled with great substances such as bone marrow boiled for some time.

The coffee and tea are equally great too.

After 1 big circle of walking about the town, we walked to Teo Kee for a quick Teo Chew Porridge.

Teo Chew porridge
Teo Chew porridge

We were not used to how the porridge were ordered, as there are no selection of dishes, everything will be cooked by the chef based on the order, which is absolutely great!

The owner’s son recommended fried red snapper with bean curd cooked in spicy sauce, braised pork served with fried bean curd and simple stir fried vegetable.  Everything finished in less than 20 minutes.  Our kids commented that they have never had such great Teo Chew dishes before.

Before leaving for the water dam, we headed back to Teo Wun for more kaya puff 🙂

After a short trip to Fraser’s Hill, we went back to Kuala Kubu Bharu for dinner.

Cheesy Bean Curb, first time we tried this.  The bean curb also filled with pumpkin
Cheesy Bean Curb, first time we tried this. The bean curb also filled with pumpkin

A simple dinner at Seong Fatt was yet another surprise.  The chef recommended us to have cheesy pumpkin home made bean curd.

I hate cheese, but the bean curd is really yummy.

Looks like we may come back to Kuala Kubu Bharu again 🙂

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