It’s the second day of the new year.

It’s also the year of the horse, my prayer is to have more horse spirit, which is running towards the goals, instead of horse shit.

Past few days, we have been surrounded by many horse shits kind of situations.

Rather, most of them were related to cow dung kind of approach, thinking that we may not have known about the stories, straight.

Story 1, we wanted some free stay in a 6-star hotel (all right, I am greedy for things like these, sometimes), the sales advisor went on and went about how well the resorts, the plan were blah blah blah.  We were very politely informed the sales advisor, we were there for the free stay, nothing else.  We have no interest to buy the plan, neither we have the money.  The sales advisor, who is tall, slim, sexy, with fake eyelashes, told me something which she probably should not have said to any prospects, “You wanna die young, die sadly, without any holiday?  You want to continue to pay for expensive holiday with your own money?”  Ok, when she mentioned the second part, and probably the first part, already got me pretty upset.  I ain’t buying, there is absolutely not professional at all for her to curse to die young and spend more money for holidays.  Well, it is my money, I get to choose how to spend it, although nothing much.  Well, being a nice guy, I took the free stay and rated her presentation as the best ever sales pitch I have been to.  Ok, she klentong me first, so I klentong in her rating in return.

Story 2.

I have long for a 3-door sporty vehicle as our fleet for sometime.  Looking around for one within our affordable budget was kind of tough.  So we went around and found what we wanted, and probably happy with.  For the record, driving a Citroen really makes the whole experience of buying another car, rather difficult.  The car supposed to arrive on Christmas eve.  However, the trailer that supposed to bring the car, did not.  So, the French company informed that the new fleet will arrive on the New Year eve.  So, technical the car arrived on the eve, but not with us.  See, how the French car company could klentong me, and I actually fell for that.  Kind of dumb.  The car arrived on the eve in the manufacturing plant or port (whichever I choose to believe on the stories given by the French car company).  So, they would need a trailer to bring the fleet over to Puchong branch, which will take like 2-3 days, depending on the speed of the driver.  Until here, you probably think, the car must be somewhere in like few thousand kilometers away.  Nope, actually about 400km.  I guess the trailer must be one driving at the speed of 10-15km/h, like how some of us cycle.  So no car, not sure when the car will be coming.  Kena klentong.

Story 3.  A well known regional partner of aboutcom (our little PR agency) which we engaged in some services to enhance our services missed many of the deliverables, and the best part of the working relationship, we got to fine the partner when they failed to deliver.  This is where the story gets interesting.  The partner got a team of legal advisors to told us that the mistake is not theirs, but rather their system.  Technical it is not their fault when they could not deliver, blamed the system.  Klentongy, sigh.

Story 4.  Someone used to work with us, whom I am sorry to say this – we decided to let the guy go, as he came in thinking we hired him to be the CEO of aboutcom, and we were his kuli.  He went around on social network, klentonging how bad I was blah blah blah.  He even went on to attach my favorite subject, i.e. #welcometopuchong.  Well, he ain’t from Puchong but from some where near my kampung, so, create your own rant, leave mine alone.  He can’t klentong us about Puchong, because, he ain’t #welcometopuchong.

So, blessed new year.



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