Food to Indulge in Dengkil


Cendol Bakar with Durian and Glutinous Rice




Sometimes, we travelled so far for great experience.  Neglecting what are the places and experiences that may be so close to us.

Have passed by Dengkil many time while on our way to the airports.  Never stop to look at this little busy town, so we decided to have a look at it on the New Year’s Day.

It was about 20mins drive from our home.

Anyway, we went to Cendol Bakar first to have some really sweet dessert.  IMHO, it is not nice at all.  Seriously overhyped.

Steamed Kampung Chicken


We went to Restoran Sinki after to have an early lunch.

Not too sure what to order, just went with the chef recommendations, which I think was a really bad move.

Spicy Chilli Fried Fish

Seems to be a family owned restaurant, with many kids around to help out.  But, again, not really helping out.  They put the kids in the VIP air-cond room, where as the paying customers at the hot sauna seating areas.

Fresh Prawns Steamed with Chinese Rice Wine

Only 1 staff who is seriously serving everyone, the rest of the family members just sat around, digging noses, playing with iPad Air(s).

Forgot what this dish was, not really nice

The food did not come fast, although we were the only table occupied at that time.

The cleanliness of the place, is seriously questionable.

For 4 dishes, the damage was RM230.  If you asked me, I guess we have been slaughtered.

All right, I love Kuala Kubu Bharu.


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