Being Parents

Being parents
Being parents

Congratulations if you just entered into the parenthood.  It is such a joy to be a father, I remember really well.  More so, when the gynae informed us that we have twins and later daughter, after having two sons.  I praise the Lord for them.

I squeezed Retna’s hand so tight during the delivery and she told me to let go of her hand.  I did the same again when Inez was born, guess although I was not the one delivering the children, but I could feel the excitement.

When they did well in the exams and everything else, I feel so proud for them.

When they helped the weak and their friends in many things, I also feel so proud of them, support them in many ways I can, and afford.

So the above are something nice, or in fact the nicest things to be parents.

We also need to be ready to handle their shits when they hit someone, punched someone etc.

When they failed to behave at school, I got to drop whatever I was working on and left the meetings to head to the school to sort things out with the school.  Few times I had been to their school when I was actually in the middle of something.

Well, that is the thing about becoming parents.

Could you stand loud voices coming from the back of the car when you are concentrating on the driving?  Welcome to parenthood.

Have you been able to discuss something in the car when no one pays attention to you because they are on electronic gadgets, devices or chatting with friends?

And many times I have to buy many same things like rapidKL cards, student name tag, school batch, water bottles etc in a year because the kids will misplaced them.

Well, well, well, welcome to parenthood.

It is more pain and suffering and patient enduring, but when the joy hits, it just overcomes everything else, that ever matters.



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