Good to be on the heart of KL cycling again

At the finishing line
At the finishing line

Registered as early as possible for the OCBC Cycle Malaysia Challenge, and got to enjoy the RM10 discount, which later I found out that OCBC customers got to enjoy the 20% when payment made with either the credit card or online transfer.  Well, lesson learn.

So after have not ride for some time in longer distance like 48km, I took the challenge to ride it.  And praise the Lord, I did it.  In the process of after 32km, the right leg began to start with minor cramp, which then extended to the entire right leg until my pelvis.  I stopped twice to have the spray, which did not help much.  Guess what, towards the last 8km, I began to pray and sang in tongue.  That helped!

The road condition is pretty much the same as last year, the same manholes, the same accidents.  Maybe mayor and team did not pass by these areas.  There were two narrow paths this year – one approaching The Mall, which is now known as Sunway Putra and the other one, heading towards Jalan Sultan Ismail.  That one, was kind of like a killer, where I noticed few cyclists fell.

I enjoyed the ride very much and I think this is probably the last time I join a ride in the city, mainly, I have been to the same route twice, nothing much to see nor to look forward to, unless I want to challenge myself for the timing, but, this ain’t a race.  So, pointless.

How about collecting the jersey (most cyclists love this), I have so many jerseys that recently I packed most of them away and maybe can inspire charity homes (kids my size) to pick up cycling, you just never know.

Finally, riding on the road with so many cyclists at the same time, I could conclude the following:-

  1. Just like driving, cyclists (some, not all) like to show off their skills and bikes, just like Jeremy Clarkson once said, some drivers drive like as it they have the largest penises in the world.  Yep, you got what I mean.
  2. No one care for you genuinely, most of the time.  I noticed many with flat tires, seldom I see anyone stop to help.
  3. You fell?  Too bad, please get out of the way.  We want to ride.
  4. Ride, like you own the road.  This happens too often, kind of irritating.  With some cyclists riding slow, taking up the lanes.  Ok, even on the road, we have cars driving slowly on the fast lane.
  5. I-am-too-good-looking.  Ever encountered any cyclists as such?
  6. I-own-the-road-pavement-everything-else.  Yep, blocking the exit after everyone has collected the medals

It is all that bad to ride, still.

If you know how to get around, just like everything else, you will be fine.

Have a blessed weekend.



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