P Pe Peb Pebb Pebbl Pebble Experience

While it is a great wearable tech to have around, but it ain’t that great yet. The Pebble stays foot on the pull down menu on Android, kind of annoying.

Pebble, which started from kickstarter successfully, probably many of the backers were eager to try a wearable technology, however, I some how feel Samsung Galaxy Gear may have done it some how better – for one thing, the voice.

I am not a fan of Samsung, but I think the ambitious plan it has seems to be some how what a smart watch should be.  Well, this is my opinion, you should disagree with me, if you like to.

Bought the Pebble from a fire sale after the seller brought in too many units and not too sure what to do with it, also the time when Pebble announced in the CES for Pebble Steel.  I am happy, so long it is reasonable. 

The setup is relatively easier, nothing to configure, just need to pair the phone and the watch.  That is all.

My favorite watch face
My favorite watch face

The battery life last about 5-6 days, but I charge it daily whenver I am at work.  Other than that, during weekends, the watch can last me 2 days without any much problem.

I also noticed that the Pebble does not consume much of the Nexus 5 battery.  As compares to Instagram app, which is still a major issue on Nexus 5.

Notification app, which is not developed by Pebble
Notification app, which is not developed by Pebble

What I like about Pebble, I could look at the watch for incoming calls, Hangout messages (SMS), WhatsApp and any other configurable notifications which I want it to push to the watch.

However what I dislike about Pebble is not so much the watch, but the app limitation.  So many developers posted the apps on Play Store, but seriously how many are usable, really subject to individual.  I installed Pebble Bike, Running, and now I have uninstalled them.

Pebble app
Pebble app

I also dislike the way how emails displayed on the watch.  For GMail, it is ok.  For my work email which is not powered by Google Apps, it is a disaster.  I still need to take out my Nexus 5 to read them.

As for WhatsApp, the Pebble app does not support it that well.  So I installed Pebble Notification, which then pushes almost anything under the Nexus 5 to me.  Good thing is, I could configure what I want.

All in all, I am happy to have Pebble.  And I seriously miss my Swiss watches which I have not been wearing for some weeks.

Ok, maybe I should give Pebble a break and go with my regular watches.


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