While eat out costs more, let’s cook at home on CNY

Claypot Chicken Rice, homemade, proud
Claypot Chicken Rice, homemade, proud

We were planning to have ZK Curry Fish Head on the first day of CNY, well, obviously the owner of ZK is more Chinese than me.  He too is having a long CNY break, just like most of aboutcom’s suppliers.

So we opted for Sri Paandi banana leave rice, which was not the greatest, since the place was so crowded.

While thinking about the dinner, Retna told me to make Claypot Chicken Rice at home.  So we google-d for the right recipe.  Ok, why right?  There are many recipes out online, however, very few actually makes something as approaching what it should be.

Well, we started with all ingredients that required marination, and then we chilled at home for a while, listening to the iTunes Radio, then we started cooking.

It was actually a really simple dish to make at home.

Seriously easy.

And we made it in less than 30 minutes.

The end result – sumptuous dinner & joy of not being slaughtered for highly priced Chinese New Year meal.


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