Lion inspection, 1st time

1st service related experience at Peugeot Malaysia
1st service related experience at Peugeot Malaysia

There is absolutely no doubt that there are many Pugs (aka Peugeot) around in Malaysia, more so in Puchong.

I have been to the Peugeot service center just after a week of having the new fleet.  You can read more about my experiences here & here.

The feeling of the service center setup is no different from Perodua, neither there is with Proton.  The last time we sent our Perodua and Proton to the service centers, the places were always packed with customers.  Some happy ones, some no.

Similar situations at Peugeot in Puchong.  A rather small outlet, how do I describe the smallness.  It could only cater probably 10 cars or maybe 12 cars in a day, without major services, so I think the actual number it could cater for service in a day, probably less than 5 units.

The outlet has about 12 personnel, including the security personnel, I guess.  Only 1 receptionist who handles everything.  He is probably the nicer one around in that outlet, and probably another one whom I met today.

Any challenging technical question, the Peugeot team reminds me of Citroen service personnel at Glenmarie – not sure, not too sure, do not know.

So expect more, disappointed more.

Our car is reaching 2,500km so it was the first technical inspection that the technical team wanted to conduct.  I supposed they have took their time to examine everything including the overheating issue.  The car scheduled for the inspection at 9:30am, I only managed to receive the confirmation slip by 10am, and told me probably the car would be ready by 11am.  I got the car closed to 12noon.

Asked what was done, checked, nothing much, everything seems fine.  Upgraded the firmware, no one knows what firmware that is, neither anyone can explain the firmware was for what.

All in all, Peugeot is a nice fleet to be driven around.  Maybe the designing team should learn a tip or two from Citroen team.



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