Maturing Pebble

New Pebble app icon
New Pebble app icon

Ok, I love Pebble, more than I love MetaWatch.

Displaying too much information on the screen while the watch is idle is not really my kind of idea to have a smartwatch.  For me, displaying time, and perhaps local weather info, good enough.

However, the challenge with Pebble version 1 – was that to have the weather info & anything else requires internet real time access, one needs to install httpebble.

With version 2.0, that seems to be omitted altogether, which is, in a way a rather good news.

The new Modern WatchFace is now equipped with weather info, which is great!

Updating Pebble firmware to version 2.0
Updating Pebble firmware to version 2.0

The update is simple.  Less than 5 minutes, depending on the internet speed.

The new Pebble app interface
The new Pebble app interface

The AppStore, is lovely but limited.  Seriously, only few already known apps available.  However, there is Yelp and FourSquare available now, which one can check in easily from the Pebble, kind of cool.  But of course could not add in text.

So, what is your feedback about the new Pebble app?



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