Pretty much sums up my whole experience with #solrepublic
Pretty much sums up my whole experience with #solrepublic

Bought the #solrepublic while in Changi Airport, Singapore during work trip before Christmas 2012.

I was really happy with it, really.  No bluff.

However, while I was happy with it, the buttons began to malfunction.

It took me more than a month to get a replacement from #solrepublic.  

Sorry, 1 month to get in touch with #solrepublic team, which required me to send and resend same emails to the customer support team with proof of purchase & pictures of the earphones.

Few of the emails were not replied, so I followed up on Twitter, which surprisingly someone replied, but that was after 2-3 days.

So, I received the replacement.  So happy with it.

Guess what, then the buttons malfunctioned again.  This time, when I contacted the customer service, again no reply for some time.  And by the time the response came, they informed me warranty expired.

As you can see how kind of sneaky this whole operandi works.

So, I shall stop buying anything from this [refer to the pix] brand.



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