Apple Enlarges Its Tent

CarPlay by Apple

When we got our Citroen in 2009 in preparation of our existing twins and daughter, because we would need a larger and reliable vehicle for the family, the additional technology features come as a surprise when the Citroen team shown us what the car has.

Of course we do not have the large display which has the navigation, since we were already using the iPhone with Google Maps and Garmin, Papago apps.  But the Bluetooth connectivity which later only we realised it works super duper well with Siri.

Yep, it works even before Apple announced the CarPlay.  Before I go on, you would probably think I am booasting about Citroen.  Ok, the same Bluetooth activated features are also available in cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot etc.  So, I am sharing from Citroen owner point of view, since I only have Citroen & Peugeot.

I am using the bluetooth feature for me to get Siri to call people on my address book, read the Calendar to me, read the latest messages etc.

Kind of cool.  In fact one of the staff some years ago sitting in the car with me, saw me doing this, he was like, “wow”.

So I think perhaps more and more automakers will be coming out to announce the partnership perhaps with Google or any other manufacturers like Samsung which will work with their cars.

Why Apple CarPlay?  Obviously because the phone is so damn popular, the numbers speak.




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