When thinking too much about Apple, then the dream

Tim Cook @ Apple Store
Tim Cook @ Apple Store

Yep, I dreamt of having #selfie with Tim Cook last night.

Too much #Oscar?  Nay, too much thinking about switching away from Apple.  That could be the reason.

Disclaimer, whatever you read next were what presented in my dream.  So nothing is real here.

Ok, this was how the dream started.  Retna and I were at home with the kids, after dinner.  Then we heard the door bell, with Malaysian police personnel (about 4 outriders and 1 large Proton Perdana, the new one) parked outside our home.

My first immediate response was – our neighbor MCA head honcho relative is here again, this time bigger crowd.  Anyway, before I could tell them to move their vehicles some where else, a personnel introduced as from the Prime Minister office informed me if I am Samuel Tan, and I have a visitor.

There, the car door open, I could not believe my eyes, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple was standing right in front of our house gate.

Retna and I invited him into our house, and before we could say anything, Mr. Cook said he is making a short trip to meet Malaysian Apple user, and his team recommended me.

What an honor!  Ok, just a dream.

We talked about my problems with Mavericks and latest iOS 7.0.6 which constantly do not play well with whatever work we are doing.  He told me the similar problems are reported everywhere in the world.  He assured me that iOS7.1 would address the issues.  I dreamingly and bluntly accepted whatever he said.

About Mavericks, he told me kind of unique, but he believes he could get his team to assist me further.  He also asked if I have been to Apple Campus, I told him not yet.  He said to call his office when I have that plan to do so.  He will get things organised for us.

Just when he was about to hand me his name card with his DID and mobile, the PM office personnel told us they got to go, and guess what, I woke up.

It was 4am.

I could not sleep after that.  What a dream.


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