Self Acclaimed Famous Nasi Kandar

Famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar
Famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar

So many have said how nice the nasi kandar has been, with again so many well known celebrities, politicians etc patronising the outlet, I paid it a visit on the day when I was in Penang for work.

The place I would be is pretty close to where Restoran Line Clear.

Tempted to try the fish head curry but refrained myself from it, as I noticed the fish heads may have had many flies resting, perhaps planting something else on the fish heads.  Since I have to work, probably it is a good idea that I do not have it.

So I opted for chicken cooked with messy spices and squid with vegetables.

Why messy, the herbs and spices looked like not well mixed, neither nicely presented.  The taste, just like any other Ayam Masak Merah.  Nothing spectacular.

The squid, seems chewy, maybe not as fresh as I hope it has been.

The place is packed, hot and smelly.  I could smell drain at all time.  So you could imagine how hard it was to eat while the smell of drain was constantly attacking my nose.

Ok, the conclusion is simple.  I am not going back.


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