The Talented Tan Family

A drawing by Inez
A drawing by Inez when we refused her request to turn on the TV

By now, we all knew the Tan family are rather talented.  Even if I say so myself.  

I noticed there seems to be a different talent and skill in every generation.  Both my grandfathers are great entrepreneurs.  One of them started selling homemade ice cream before moving into grocery store then construction.  My father’s dad was a great trader.  He was sharp with opportunities and hold great ties and lobby with the authorities in the 30s and 40s.

Both of them made the fortune which their children then spent everything.  It skipped one generation.

The next generation yet to see that many talents nor special skills that are as successful as the two grandfathers.

However, if we count success as related to monetary, then perhaps we may miss out a big picture in life.  Is life about money in everything?

Not really.

It is about families, making the right choice, doing things that one likes, not doing things because someone else likes it.



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