Why I finally Decided Nexus 5 is Better Than iPhone 5 [There is reason why I am not using iPhone 5S]

Hola, I am a happy user of Nexus 5
Hola, I am a happy user of Nexus 5

I cancelled the purchase of iPhone 5S 3 times, and later @retnavijayan bought herself the iPhone 5S, I was again tempted to get myself that.  However I did not.

Why I cancelled the purchase?  I could not make up my mind about Nexus 5, the others and iPhone 5S.

Ok, I changed my mind of technology gadgets pretty often and fast. 

Just when I was frustrated with iPhone 5 as the power/sleep button malfunction (which I have had it fixed), @retnavijayan gave me one great sound advice (must always listen and take the advice from dear spouse), she told me to use the Nexus 5 until the new iPhone is out.

So, I did.

I hated it at first, thought in less than 12 hours, I was about to switch back (like I did when I first got the Nexus 5).  Anyway, I stick with it, since then.

So, I have been using Android, with Nexus 5 for coming to 2 months now.  And in fact I am happy using it.

I dislike the camera, but heck.  I do not take that many pictures with it since I have the Canon 70D with me most of the work trip.  For kids, I bring the Canon G15 along with me.  The best think about 70D, I can share the pictures over WiFi, which Nexus 5 could tether it.

For email, I found a great app known as CloudMagik which is free, and it works like Sparrow.  Evernote, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter etc all work like charms.  No complaint.

Music, now I subscribed to Spotify, and with JayBird earphones, I can travel places.  Absolutely love it.

With the news that Nexus brand may be scrapped, I guess now I have even more options with Android Premium when it kicks in officially, perhaps can get a Sony next, which is powered by the stock Android.


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