Remains of Magic Kingdom + Fantasy (why not all things are real)

Disneyland, the magic kingdom
Disneyland, the magic kingdom

I have always dream of visiting Disneyland, however, after a while, that thought sort dies.  I visited the Disneyland @ Tokyo with @retnavijayan 2 years ago and seriously, we love Universal Studio more than Disneyland.  Some how I do not feel the magic in me.  Perhaps I do not believe in magic, rather the reality. 

Many visited the place, termed this park as a happy place.  I remember Walt Disney told Mrs Travels that he wanted to bring her to a happy place of which many people would not say no.  Anyway, perhaps I am like Helen Goff, we live in a real world.  Put the fantasy aside, as that is not real.

That is the reason why I joined the resident association and later left the committee after serving there for 2 terms.  In approximate 2 years, I attended almost every single monthly meetings, sub-committee meetings as well as any other extra ordinary meetings, of which many could not take time off to attend.  I have met so many security providers as well as Majlis Perbandanan Subang Jaya (MPSJ), the local councils, Member of the Parliament, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri etc during my tenure serving as the assistant secretary.

Also I have written many letters, meeting minutes, sub-committee meeting summaries during this time.

Have suggested many ideas in terms of how to make our community a better place to live.

At the same time, brought up many complaints about the security service and quality at our neighbourhood.

Occasionally, brought up the constructive comments to the committee members for the improvement of the neighbourhood.

I sort of living in a fantasy and magic kingdom while serving in the committee believing we or probably I could make an impact to the community.  When the time to wake up or to leave the Disneyland, it is painful.  Because coming back to the reality, I realised in that 2 years, we achieved nothing much.

The same pariah security service personnel has been changed and now they are back.  Sleeping guards, whom are contracted by the resident association committee members to do gardening right after his shirt at night, and the work continue till afternoon (how is the guard going to have enough sleep).

The company I jointly interviewed with the rest of the sub-committee told us many grandfather and grandmother stories and assurance how the security and quality will be improved.  Ok, fairy tales.

Moving towards a better community, by applying different neighbourhood status from the MPSJ, the talks have been going on for 3, coming to 4 years now.  Nothing much moves.

An annual general meeting (AGM) with low attendance and poor publicity, year after year.

So many reputable business personnel and owners are sitting on the committee, however, that could be a problem.  When everyone is the boss, who is there as kuli to work?

Team work that does not exist.  Last minute planning expecting everyone to show kind of approach going on for many years, which doom to fail miserably.

Constantly talking about recruiting new blood, while the old ones are sitting there dictating rather showing the younger ones how to and what to.

Reality hurts and sucks.

Well, live the best while we can.

Do what we like instead of what others wanted you to be.

All right Mickey, where to now?

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