Beware of Risks of Parking Your Beloved Car @ KLIA2

Fuel tank cables pulled off at KLIA2
Fuel tank cables pulled off at KLIA2

After the incident of our car fuel tank cable being pulled off while we left our car at KLIA2 car park B level CP7 for 3 days which I shared it on social media, I just got the shocking revelation from some friends that this is actually the work of a group of syndicate.

Here is how they will approach their planned victims.

They compromised the vehicles which parked in the KLIA2 car park.  According to the friends, the syndicate will look at the car model respective weaknesses, and then compromised or destroyed the parts.

Normally the cars will either able to start which allow the victims to drive for a short while before encountering the fault or entered into some form of accidents.

Then, there will be 2 really helpful gentlemen whom speak either English or Bahasa Malaysia, very helpful in terms of advising the victims what to do, or simply offered helps like towing services, repairing services etc.

So, you see where this is going.

If the victim is lucky, in our case, praise the Lord for His protection, the car was fine even though the sick minds were trying to compromise it.

For the unlucky ones, they preyed for life (serious accidents) or money.

All these can be avoided if KLIA2 improves its security by having more qualified security personnel patrolling the car parks, and probably ‘say-no’ to bribes when the syndicates pay them, and of course the CCTV, making sure they work.

Again, with this kind of tidak-apa mindset by the airport, no wonder we are still way behind airports such as Changi.



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