Jaybird, what I like + dislike

Closer look
Closer look

Have been a fan of Bose and Logitech UE, however, when comes to bluetooth earphones, I need something that I could wear comfortably when I jog, run.  Ok, even when I am going for cycling.

So I have been looking around for the sturdy and reliable earphones which are wireless in nature.  The hunt started some time ago and I finally settled with Jaybird, although I was hoping to get either Plantronics or Jabra.

I will tell you why. 

How the whole thing looks like
How the whole thing looks like

None of them last as long as Jaybird – 8 hours or perhaps more.  I have tested it during my work and holiday trips.  Having just single charge (fully), I could use it for 4 days with each about 1.5 hours or sometimes 2 hours, depending on the traveling duration, or flight durations.

The earphones are rather easy to setup and pair.  I could do it for iPad, MacBook Air, iPhone 5 and Nexus 5 at ease.

Once on, there will be a Siri like person telling you the status of the earphones – connected, off, disconnected, connection switch etc.

The case seems heavier than the earphones
The case seems heavier than the earphones

I have used it for mostly jogging and running, depending where I am, sometimes for work.  I use it while on the flight, I find it really useful.  I can leave the phone or iPad inside my bag charging in the luggage compartment, while connecting to Jaybird and enjoying the musics.

I could control the volume, skip, rewind tracks etc from the press of the buttons.

For iOS, Siri could be activated too.

The beautiful case to safely pack the Jaybird bluetooth earphones
The beautiful case to safely pack the Jaybird bluetooth earphones

Now comes to what I do not like.

First of all, it is RM620, kind of pricey.  Well, the rest of the competitors are in the range below RM500, which also kind of pricey.  What differentiate Jaybird from the rest, this is really water proof.

The bluetooth connection.  It is not the version 4 so the connection to remain connected is sometimes subjected.  I have incidents when I passed by vehicles with bluetooth connectivity, the connection between Jaybird and my phone cuts off.  There were also incidents that when I have left my phone behind my running shorts back pocket (both adidas & Nike designed their shorts this way), I also encountered connection loss.

All in all, it is a great earphones to have around if you love to exercise as well as travel.


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