Severe Food Poisoning

Some places, hygiene does not exist
Some places, hygiene does not exist

The last time I visited the toilet on frequent basis was some time back.

I have been extra careful with where to eat, if we are going to eat out.  I remember I did not touch any street food in my recent trip to Phuket, neither I did with the street food in Puchong, nowadays.

So I had few meetings on Tuesday, in fact just when I thought I was highly productive, to save the time, I went to an outlet which I have not been before for lunch, reason being, so I could eat fast and headed back to work at shortest time possible.

The problem with that, I had severe vomiting and diarrhoea the same night.

Took my mother and sons for a short outing, half way through I went to the doctor for an injection of which later I realised I should have insisted on something else, because after that, I had a terrible fever.

Yesterday, I went to the hospital around 6:30am and had myself some IVG and injection again before the doctor told me that I should have came in earlier.  Well, you are the doctor, you know it all.

My advice to all of you, if doubt.  Don’t eat at the place.


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