Endangering Species, Human. Parents Do Something.

Sunset at Subang Jaya
Sunset at Subang Jaya

From time to time there will be reports on the missing child(ren) and adults, seldom there are reporting that the victims returned safely to their loved ones.

Not bringing a curse here.  Do not get me wrong.

Just way too many times I met kids whom are found running freely without any supervision of the parents.

One incident of which I found a kid running over my toes for a few times, while I was looking for his parent, I realised they were sitting enjoying their meals and chatting away, without realising what their little one may have done to others, or wait, what have happened to him.

When I told the father what happened, and he has to watch his son properly, his reply, “Pu**-Mak.”  All right, the rest you may read it on my Facebook and Twitter updates.

Not very often parents who will take good care of their kids while at public places.  More so, the parents also fail to ‘govern’ their kids with authority.  Seriously, many of these parents suck, terribly.

We have a neighbor whom his dog takes him for a walk, instead of the other way round.  His kids and wife treat him pretty much the same as how his dog treated him.

All right, we were having breakfast at our favorite outlet.  I observed a small girl, probably below 3 was roaming around the restaurant while her mother was busy feeding the younger child, and her father enjoying his morning coffee.  I could see the wife repeatedly telling the husband to bring the daughter back, he did it at first, after he just sat down.  Wife was juggling between feeding the younger child and keeping an eye on the daughter.  The restaurant is located at an end lot, so with any car or van, the daughter will vanish right in front of their eyes.

Scary?  Actually it is not.

All the sad incidents could be easily avoidable when parents are doing what parents would do.  Protect their child.


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