When you are no longer a part of a group, people tend to reject you

It's me, with a cuppa
It’s me, with a cuppa

Did not hit me much, but I still noticed the obvious.

When someone chose to leave a group and to be some where else, or doing something else, the existing group tend to blackmail the someone who is leaving.

Why is that so?

I figure this based on my own observation.

They view you as rivalry.  This is especially true when you are leaving the current organisation for the competitor.

Afraid of loosing you, but too shy to mention it.  Asian culture, this happens a lot.  People tend to keep the feeling to themselves rather than straight forward.

You are good, they hate you.  Because once you are gone, they need 2 to 3 persons to take over what you have been doing with just, you.

Nothing will move after your departure.  For those loving development, they will hate you further.

You were the links to many things, they are too lazy to do any of it.  So now no one will do it.  Probably will remain idle.



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